Rikskuponger works in Apple Pay

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Charges the batteries

To leave the office and get a good and healthy meal gives energy.

Creates loyalty

A benefit that helps strengthen your employees relationships.

Works at 27 000 eateries

The card is valid on restaurants, caf├ęs, gas stations and in grocery stores.

Do as 14 500 other companies in Sweden!

How much does your employees earn by using Rikskuponger?

Lunchvalue (SEK)
60 120
Workdays per month
1 31
Tax (%)
25 60
Subvention (%)
1 100


each month after tax from using the benefit.

How much does your employees earn by using Rikskuponger?
Lunchvalue (SEK) kr
Subvention (SEK) kr
Employer's fee (31.42 %) kr
The company's investment/month kr
What the employee earns
Benefit value kr
Subvention kr
Subvention tax kr
Pays with net salary kr
Cost/month kr
Earns net/day kr
Earns net/month kr
Earns net/year kr

Answers to some of our most common questions from employers

Can the employees handle the benefit themselves?

Yes, the employer may entrust the employees to order his or her benefit Ticket Rikskuponger. Employees can then accept or decline the card or loadings, or both. The employer sets up the benefits rules, such as the amount they will receive each month, and creates loadings.


Contact us for more information:

08-681 81 60

How do i order Ticket Rikskuponger?

When you signed a contract with us and receive your login credentials, you can place your order directly on our web tools.

Go to Connect your business to download your customer agreement.

For questions, please contact customer service
08-681 81 60

What amount is most common?

Most employers choose to follow Skatteverkets recommended lunch value. 2018 is recommended value is 94 SEK/workday.

Do the employees earn anything from using Ticket Rikskuponger?

In addition to a great encouragement to the important lunch break, they also benefit from it economically thanks to the employers subsidy.

By using our calculator you can see how much the employee earns to use the benefit.

Does the company earn anything from offering Ticket Rikskuponger on a card?

Thanks to the subvention not being included in the calculation for holiday pay it is approximately 10% cheaper than regular salary. In addition, the lunch benefit increases effectiveness and sense of community among the employees.

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Rikskuponger is used for over

100 000

The card works at

27 000

Easily administered directly on the web

As soon as you decide to give your staff a better lunch habits by Rikskuponger gives you access to our online tool where you can easily take care of everything related benefit. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Easily upload your employees from Excel
  • Reporting directly into your payroll system
  • Select how, where and when the benefit may be used
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