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Works in your standard terminal

Accept Rikskuponger and make sure that the card works in your terminal.

Continuous payouts

Within 1-3 days you have your money directly to the account.

Reach 180,000 lunch guests

Do not miss the chance to get even more hungry guests.

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With Rikskuponger over

100 000

Rikskuponger is used by

110 000

Answers to some of our most common questions from restaurant owners

How does the Ticket Rikskuponger card work for me?

  • The card goes into your regular terminal.
  • The money is transfered to your account according to the choices you've made on the agreement.

What are the benefits for me as a restaurant to connect to Ticket Rikskuponger?

  • Smooth payment. Payout is ongoing within 1-3 days.
  • The ability to reach all 110,000 people who use our services at restaurants - every day!
  • The card works in your regular terminal.
  • Reduced administration - no counting, packing and sending to us.
  • No risk for counting errors.
  • No change handling.
  • No risk of robbery.

How do i connect to Ticket Rikskuponger?

You can find the agreement here. Print it, fill it in and send it to:

Edenred Sweden AB

105 40 Stockholm

If you so prefer, you can scan you filled in agreement and send it to restauranger@ticketrikskortet.se.

It is also possible to connect through BankID. Visit this page.

How do i fill in the agreement?

On this page you can download and print your agreement.

Don't forget to enter:

  1. Organization number
  2. Plus-/bankgiro number
  3. Store number/Babs-number/Accounting number
  4. Your name


The agreement should then be sent to:

Edenred Sweden AB

105 40 Stockholm

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